Spas Richmond - Main 3
Eyelash Extensions

Premium Service $160
100 lashes per eye

Diamond Service $140

80 lashes per eye

Gold Service $125

60 lashes per eye

Silver Service $85

40 lashes per eye

Bronze Service $65

30 lashes per eye

Refill - Within 2 weeks $40

20 lashes per eye

Refresh Removal $25

Special price for clients

Restart Removal $45

Price for new clients

Maintenance tips for your eyelash extensions


  • • Use cotton swabs (i.e. Q-tips) with oil-free makeup remover to remove makeup around the eye area.
  • • Dry lashes by tapping lightly with tissue or towel. Alternatively, lashes can be dried by fanning/lightly blowing cold air on the underside of the lashes.
  • • To groom lashes, use a wand and comb gently with a twirling motion.
  • • Remember to refill your lashes every 2 weeks. For best results, it is recommended that a full set is done every 3 months.


  • • Do not wet eyelashes within 3 hours of eyelash extension service.
  • • Do not do a facial, hot yoga, sauna, or go swimming within 3 days of eyelash extension service.
  • • Do not use oil based makeup removers around eye area.
  • • Do not aim showered directly on face.
  • • Do not rub eyelashes.