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Cellex-C International introduces the latest in vitamin C technology with the Advanced-C line. These Advanced-C products are protected by international patents. Hydrolyzed C is based on an exciting development in cosmetic chemistry - a unique concept that provides exceptional performance.

Hydrolyzed ascorbic acid is believed to pass through the cell membrane more readily to facilitate collagen promoting activity. All Advanced-C products contain powerful anti-oxidants and the most sophisticated phytochemicals known to have anti-aging effects on the skin.

With regular use, the skin's surface will feel smoother and firmer while lines and deeper wrinkles will appear less pronounced. Older and prematurely aged or sun-damaged skin will begin to look, act, and feel like younger skin. This comprehensive advanced collection of products addreses every facial need. 

Advanced-C products and Skin Hydration Complex are available through skin care professionals only.